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The NoScope Affiliate program is for those people who want to go above and beyond just being in the community and rep a brand while earning kickback for themselves. Refer products to your followers and earn 10% of the profit made on each sale using a personalized discount code. Whether you're a streamer, youtuber, blogger, or just an instagram junkie, you can use this to monetize your platform. Here are the full rewards:

- 15% off all personal orders

- Personalized discount code and referral link with 15% profit share of any products you sell

- Free products for every 5 sales

- Paid commission for referalls, $0.20 for discord referrals and $1.00 for new affiliate referrals

- Discount on merch store origination fee

- Discount on marketing services

- Added to monthly affiliate giveaway

- Special discord Perks

- Much, much more. 

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