By NoScope Apparel

You can now have your own merch store on the NoScope site!

Our specialists will work with you every step of the way and handle everything for you, including creating the merch, shipping, and customer service, all you need to do is collect the cash after!

We charge a small $15 fee to open your store and that will get you 5 custom merch items to sell on your custom NS url. After paying the store open fee you will be contacted by a specialist to go over the catalog of merch options, designs, and pricing. (If you do not have art provided we can get some made for you however you will need to cover the cost to hire an artist)

Once your merch is on sale you will get to keep the profit minus production cost. Also NS takes $1.00 cut from each item sale so for example: if a shirt costs $10 to make and you sell it for $20, you get $9.00 after we take our cut.

Talk to a specialist today to get started!


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